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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Anyone know what song that is?

So today I had to work, early as always. I got SO sick, I don't know what was wrong with me. I was sick to my stomach and in pain. So I left early, after getting as much done as I could. I had to run into Wally World, and got a second potty for Nicholas for our floor. I think it will be easier to not have to go all the way upstairs, especially when they are both down here. Alexis is a stinker, and would get into trouble. I had to mail the health insurance so I stopped at the post office as well. Waiting for me were two packages which made my day.

One was from Funky Carolina. This first one is BFL in Rum Kiss, and it's darker than the photo. But it's really pretty in person. I want to spin it now!
Then there are these two little batts, superwash merino and sparklies! They are named Citrine. I really love her batts. She has the most amazing color sense. I know I have said that before, but man I love it.
Secondly, this book. Anyone? Anyone know exactly what this is??? A very highly sought after book that is no longer in print. I don't know how but someone on Ravelry got a hold of some and sent them off to those who wanted one! For those of you who don't know, this is a book of fair isle mitten patterns. It's all in a language I can't read, but I have charts!
Yesterday as Chad was in the garage with his brother working on the car (engine swap) he was startled by this little girl.
She is apparently roosting in a mailbox box on one of the shelves. I thought it was funny.

Today we took the kids outside after lunch. It really wears them out and they nap so well after. It was warm and sunny and I think I got a little bit of a tan. We had a lot of fun!

I took pictures of some flowers my MIL bought to plant.
I love these pink ones. Like colorful daisies.
Here's Nick, contemplating his next move...
Stomping in the MIL lets them dig in the pots that have nothing in them.
Letting the water from the hose run over her shoes. They got a lot wetter after that.
The kids got wet and dirty, and had a quick bath. Then nap time. Then mommy time! I watched yesterday's Bachelorette on the dvr, knitted on my second Swirls sock, and ate cake. Alexis is 2 today, so there is cake in the house. Yum!

I finished the first sock for my loopy swap partner. No pics though, not until she gets them! I love the pattern though, and it looks great so far. Hopefully she'll like them too!

Well it's been 11 days I've managed to not buy any yarn or fiber. I know it's a sacrifice, but I'm looking forward to knitting and spinning what I've got. I'm so bad about buying stuff, I'll never be able to use it all up!

Ok well that's it for now. I've got my Keegan Lane sock club shipment that should be on it's way, so I'll be back to show that off when it gets here!

Here, have a flower!


Opal said...

I love that Funky Carolina roving. Good for you for sticking to your diet for 11 days!

Rachel said...

Wow, that's a whirlwind post! I hope you feel better soon, and what a fun day it looks like your kids had! I think every child needs a little dirt now and then - a bit like vitamins, lol!

Melissa said...

Dude. Is your eggo prego?!

The roving is delish and that book was a find! For being on a diet you're sure getting lots of treats! ;) Enjoy! Package should be there any day!

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