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Friday, May 16, 2008

Well today I finally made it to the post office, after probably a week of not going. We use the PO box as our main address to have mail sent to, so it's usually best to go more often, but I just haven't felt like it.

I had five packages waiting for me. Yes, FIVE. Whoo boy. Good thing hubby wasn't home when I got them here. He's already a bit disturbed by the amounts of fiber I've aquired.

I had almost forgotten I'd ordered this. It's from Wooly Booly Cormos and SO SOFT. I swear I would sleep in it if I could. I got this whole pound of it pretty freakin cheap. It took a bit to get to me though, since they asked for a check, and had to wait for it to get there before sending it.

The colors aren't really ME, but I like to do something different every now and then, so I just got it. It was the last dyed batch they had anyway. Now I need to figure out what to do with a whole pound...
Next I got some bobbins I traded roving for on Ravelry. She had found them spring cleaning and didn't need them, since she no longer had a majacraft. Anyway I won't show the bobbins, those just look like bobbins, but look what they were wrapped in! Pretty sparkly batts of, well I don't know what the fiber is, but it's soft enough. How cool is that?
I also got my Loopy Ewe order in. Here is a skein of Yarn Love Scarlett O' Hara, in Sweetheart. It's super pretty in person, shiny and soft.
I also got a keychain sock blocker. I've been wanting one forever and finally got it. I splurged a whole dollar more and got the Cardom, it's a pretty color.
Then there's the roving. They are both from Creatively Dyed. 70% merino and 30% seacell. It feels a bit like a mix of silk and tencel. So it's soft, but seems like it also has a bit of fuzz. Should be fun to spin!

This one is Fairy Dust and I wish I'd gotten another. It's so pretty.
And Chocolate Covered Raspberries. I love the bright raspberry spots.
Then there was my order from Allspunup. I've been eyeing her stuff that others on Ravelry have bought, and I could no longer resist when I saw this one. Again, not my normal colors, but so bright and I love it so. She doesn't name them, so I did. I call this one Bruised Peach. Not sure why. Just looks right.
Then this one I call Violets. It just is.
The last package was my second order from GudonyaToo. I love this stuff it just smells so nice. I got another container of the whipped clean in cotton candy, and two shampoos. One is Spa Fusion, which is a really fresh cool smell. The other, which is my fave just by first sniff, is like vanilla cake or frosting with a bit of spice. I used to buy this lip gloss that smelled like it, and it was my favorite. I think it was actually called vanilla frosting. I can't remember the brand. Some of that sparkly girly stuff they sell at places like walmart and kmart.

Well those are my treasures. I'm still waiting on the order from the Woolery. I think I'll call tomorrow, they are open for a bit. I have had no shipping email and I ordered like a week and a half ago. I'm getting impatient. I also haven't gotten wind of my blue moon order. I figure they have to dye up some of it, so I'm not worried. Plus I think they email when they ship too.

Hmm, so not much knitting or spinning going on. I am mostly reading. My wrists have been needing a little break, and besides, I never realized how much I miss reading! I finished the Shadowmarch book I started this past Saturday. I was done with it by Tuesday, bought the second book in the series, Shadowplay, on Wednesday, and finished it on Thursday morning. The third book in the series, Shadowrise, is still being written so I happily started to re-read another series I had read before. I had read the books out of order not realizing there were four and not three. Sooo I read one, two, and then four. So I found book three when I got Shadowplay. Now I can read them in order. I've already finished the first one called Rhapsody, and started the second one, Prophecy. I've got a thing for fantasy, and some sci-fi books. I guess that whole escaping reality. Anywho, it's a nice change to read.

I've also decided that once again it's time to go on a yarn and fiber diet. I've got way beyond enough, so besides what I've already got, there will be no more. I'm aiming for six months. Think I can make it?

Oh and patterns, and notions, and needles don't count. Though I don't really need much of those either.

So no more tonight, this is a long enough post as is. :) More soon.


Knit & Purl Mama said...

I think I need to go on a yarn diet too! LOL. I keep buying, and I shouldn't be. I need to KNIT what I have. LOL. (Let alone what my shop has in stock too!)

Hanne said...

You could join Summer of Stash-group on Ravelry. Although I love reading your blog and looking at all fiber pictures!

Rachel said...

I love the violets colorway. That'll really be lovely spun up!

I've read Rhapsody/Prophecy/third one? several times, and I like it a lot, too. I'm a huge fantasy junkie, so I can relate!

Ever read the "Belgariad" by David Eddings? It's also one of my favorites. I use it as my "I'm sick" reads. Good old favorites!

Opal said...

Gorgeous stuff, Hattie. Good luck with the diet. You can do it! :)

Lori said...

I just love the "bruised peaches" colorway. I am really getting into the drop spindles I bought....can't wait to find a wheel. Found a really cool Castle Style Louet on has a skeinwinder at the top too. $325....that's a good price right?

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