Oh children...

Thursday, May 01, 2008

They really are a handful...

On Tuesday after working and running to the store, I finally got home around 11 something, and my MIL (Gayleen) was making the kids lunch. I usually go change and check my email when I get home earlier, but since she was busy I though I'd entertain them until they were in their chairs and eating. Well they disappeared into the pantry while we were in the kitchen and suddenly I hear Alexis screaming like a banshee. I ran in to find her standing under the window holding the pair of binoculars that usually sit on the edge above. Now it's a higher than usual window, and it looks out over the backyard, so we often watch the deer eat out of it, or the birds, etc. with the binoculars. Apparently my FIL had been in there using them earlier and set them back on the sill, and left the strap hanging down.

Anyway, I took the binoculars away and picked her up, only to find that I could now see her mouth filled with blood. I started freaking out and called Gayleen to come and see. She grabbed Alexis to bring in the other room where there was more light and I ran to get a cold washcloth. We quickly saw that her lip was split way open and that's where the blood was coming from. Not her teeth which is what I thought at first. So we were calming her down and I brushed her bangs out of her eyes, and happened to see she also had a decent cut and bruise on her forehead. Not bleeding, but icky looking. I ended up getting Alexis' stuff ready and taking her to the ER because the cut in her lip was so bad. Chad met me there, he had been on lunch break when I called him. We spent the next few hours there while they checked her out and decided that yes she needed a few stitches. She got three in all, they used dissolving ones so she wouldn't have to go back in. Here is a picture of the cut on her head, it looks better now than it did...And the stitches on her lip. The purple dots are bruises where they stuck needles full of numby stuff to make it less painful.
So that was just a blast...I'm just glad I was home when it happened. Scared the heck out of me though that's for sure!

So I've been spinning more than knitting still. This is what I've got left to spin of the superwash merino. I can't wait to ply and see how it looks!
I finished my Serendipity socks. The yarn and pattern were the January shipment from the Rockin Sock Club. They need a good blocking though. Since it was a toe I was unfamiliar with, they are a tad short, but should block ok.
Under the socks there is my first issue of Spin Off. I've been reading and re-reading it and I love it. There are more adds than I would like, but the content is good, and there are a few cute patterns.

So other than that, I've been knitting on my swirls sock. I should be done in a day or two I think. The knitting is slow, being on size 0's, but I like how they are looking. I've also been playing Mario Kart on my Wii. Oh boy is it ever fun! I need to get another Wii Wheel though, we were out of them at work by the time I got to buy my game. It's playable without the wheel, but not as easy with the motions.

Ok well that's about it for my update. I'll probably post when my other sock is done, or when I get my yarn plied. Now I'm off to finish some things that are looong overdue.


Rachel said...

I'm so glad Alexis is feeling better. What a scare for you! I'm always amazed that any kids manage to make it past childhood - my two seem to run (literally) from one disaster to another, lol!

Melissa said...

Oh no!!!! Poor girl!!! :(

Jenn said...

I'm so glad she's okay! I always worry about teeth. Go spin and forget about the trauma.

monica said...

All your yarn an fiber goodies are beautiful.
Sorry to hear about the binocular incident. There is never a dull moment with little ones around. She looks like she did well with it all though. She is beautiful, even with a few stitches and bruises.

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