Sock club is here!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

My Keegan Lane sock club has arrived! I was so excited to go get it at the post office, and was not disappointed.

Here we have the yarn, which is a gorgeous green, a sort of wine red/pink, and purple, with lighter bits. It's named, Spring Tulips, which is also the name of the sock pattern! It's very pretty, with little tulips going up the side of the sock.Then there was a little pink and green bag with a pin on it. The pin has the logo I designed way back when for Melissa. Inside was a pretty magnet with the club logo on it, some flower seeds, and candies (not shown, ahem, for obvious reasons. As in I obviously ate them...)
All in all a very fun club package. Before I even opened it though I heard this funny sound. Reminded me of when I opened it I discovered this:
Beads. And yarn. Yep, some of you may remember that I was knitting the Swallowtail shawl a while ago with Melissa. I finished mine, and as you can see from above, Melissa didn't get to it. And every time she started a new project I would hint about her shawl. Anyway I have wanted to knit another, and told her I'd knit hers for her. Most of you probably don't know that that yarn is some that I dyed for Melissa too. And I bought the beads to match it lol. So it will be a fun project to see in person how it turns out.

In other news, here is how far I've gotten on my second Swirls sock. Almost done with the leg. It's going pretty fast, even on size 0's. It will be nice to finish a pair! It's been really hard not to cast on new pairs. Speaking of, I finally decided when I finish these, and the project for my loopy swap pal, I'd start the Rivendell (ravelry link)(to buy pattern go Here)socks I've wanted to knit forever. I have the pattern, it's here somewhere. I got it from an online pal ages ago, and so it's not on my computer like most of my patterns. Yeah, so I can't find it and it's really pissing me off lol. Sigh...


Ok well I am pretty sure my Rockin Sock package is on the way, and I was hoping my Piddly bags would be here, but not yet. So maybe I'll have those by next post.


Melissa said...

Yay! So glad you're pleased! Enjoy and get crackin on that shawl will ya? ;)

Opal said...

Great sock club package! That Swallowtail promises to work out to be really gorgeous.

mel said...

Hattie, I love you already as I have been reading your blog forever, and my eldest is called Hattie 'cos her name is Harriet, but WTF is a piddly bag???? Babe, I live in Australia (Sydney to be exact) and Piddle is obviously something VERY different here! It means wee, as in urine!!! Please explain as I have wracked my brains trying to figure this out...Does it mean small? Does it mean yellow? Help a confused Aussie... Mel x

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