Hand Cards!

Monday, June 23, 2008

So at Saturday's knit group I took a look at some hand cards, and a pair came home with me! (Ignore the massive mess on my desk. Yes, it always looks this way.) Here's a picture of them, and my first little rolag, which I started pulling into roving. I think it's going to take me a bit to get the hang of these things, they seem to want to stick together really bad. I like it though, it's fun, and now I have lots of little rolags here on my desk...

I started my Juno Regina out of handspun. I couldn't stop myself. I was feeling a bit depressed yesterday about something, and needed to start something new. Now that I've started it, I'll go back to knitting on the swallowtail until it's done.
Isn't it pretty though? I love it so far. I haven't been knitting or spinning much at all. I really think I have carpal tunnel, or something of the sort, because I'm in serious pains. When I type, or knit, or spin, it just feels like stabbing in my arm. Actually, it's not just then anymore, it's all day at random intervals. So I haven't been doing much. Plus my computer chair is broken and annoying to sit in. So I usually spin in it, and sit on the computer, and now I don't want to.

I did manage to finish the project for my swap, so that's done and will be mailed tomorrow. I still can't show pictures, but I will when she gets it.

Chad bought me a Nintendo DS (a white one). I'm very excited about it. I've been wanting one, and it's fun so far! I have a Zelda game, can't go wrong there! So now I'm off to play it for a bit, because the children are actually napping, and I need to relax while I can.
Here's a picture of a pretty moth we found outside. It's wings were SO cool.


Melissa said...

What a beautiful moth!!! And your hand spun looks ahazning knit into the Regina! Great choice. :) Miss you and hope to see you on Ravelry. :) I do not have the ability to use aim at work. :( But stop by the piddleloop chat!

Opal said...

Ooh! One thing you can do with your rolags is practice your long draw! Just a thought. :-)

I've said it before, but it's worth repeating. Your Juno Regina is GORGEOUS!

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