Monday, June 02, 2008

Look look look! Look what I have finished!Ok it needs washing, but it's done being spun and plied!I adore it. It started as about 4 ounces of bfl from the Yarn Wench, and I spun it to a thicker laceweight. If I calculate correctly, there are 830 yards here. Not bad! I had a bit leftover on one bobbin, I spun the first bobbin a little thinner than the second, but it's fine. It wasn't a huge difference. I am about to go put it in a bath, and hope it dries quick. I want to cast it on already! In case you have forgotten, it's been a bit since I've talked about my plans for this, it's for Juno Regina. I think I'll take out one of the diamond repeats, to make it thinner, and make up for having a little less yardage than the pattern calls for. It's going to be so pretty!

Ok well off to soak my lovely yarn. Night!


Rachel said...

Wow, that IS lovely stuff! Nice job!

Friederike said...

oooh! gorgeous!! *wants* ;D
From what they've told me in the Posh Yarn Group, 830yards should be plenty for a regular Juno!
Looking forward to seeing the yarn cast on!!


Logan said...


Melissa said...

Came out beautiful! Nice job!

Opal said...

Droolicious stuff! Can't wait to see it knit up!!

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